Top 10 Ways To Provide Effective Customer Support


“A good customer experience enhances your company’s success rate.”

Have you ever thought so? Even though most of them are selling the same products. Building and selling the product is not the only way to increase its sales. If the company does not provide any support in the form of product maintenance, the future sale of the product is going to be impacted pretty hard & negative way. The secret of success lies in the hands of the customer service agent. Hence we are going to discuss 10 ways in which you can put your customer service at the top tier level in this industry.

  • Learn extensively about your Product

The role of the customer care service provider is to solve the issues presented by the customer. Issues regarding products and various aspects related to the products. Gathering knowledge relative to the various aspects of the products, which provides you the expertise to satisfy the customer queries efficiently. Product knowledge not only allows you to solve the issues but also allows you to discuss the features of the product with customers. This leads to customer satisfaction and good customer feedback.

  • Value time of Customer

“Time is money”. Every customer wants their issues to get resolved as soon as possible. But they also know the fact that complex issues or defects take a longer time to get resolved. Hence, you should focus on getting back to them or replying to their queries with the least turnaround time. Then take as much time as needed to resolve the defect or to implement the fix, as you try to solve the fix in less time. Getting back to the customers without completely fixing the issue, is not going to help the company build its reputation at all.

  • Innovatively solve the problem

You might be well aware of the various ways to solve a specific problem. Some of the ways are easy to use but do not leave an impact on customers, as it becomes a part of their daily routine, but other ways are hard to deliver, but it will earn you a loyal customer for life. Hence you must always try to experiment with the varied ways of solving an issue with your problem-solving team and use the one which is unique and which is loved by your customers as well.

  • Positive attitude all the way

Attitude defines a man’s quality. Hence, a positive attitude is essential in the field of Customer service. A positive attitude is key to ensure a positive customer experience. In most cases, customers interact with the agent over the telephone. Hence your attitude should be mirrored through your language and tone of your voice. Your voice tone should be humble and sympathetic about their problems, whether it is on call or via text or chat support.

  • Provide Friendly Services

When I talk about providing Customer-Friendly Services, I want you to know your customers and to treat them as Individuals. Most customers want better customer care service and this means they want to be treated more like friends rather than mere tickets. They dislike when they are being treated as some incident number, which the agents are kicking from one service desk to another.

  • Listen very carefully to customer

Pay attention to what customers are saying and discussing. Listen and understand customer feedback and show them that you are really participating in the conversation happening. Make sure that you repeat the problem that the customer has conveyed to you. In this way, they too will be assured of the fact that you understood what they expect to be done.

  • Guide the customers to solve the issue themselves

Often the customers want to resolve their issues quickly. During such situations, it is your duty to give them appropriate steps. Providing them with good customer care guide, using which they can solve their own problems, all by themselves. Self-service is one of the most effective and scalable ways to make customers happy and content.

  • Ask your customers for feedback

You can surprise yourself to a large extent when you ask for customer feedback. They sometimes really enlighten you, with new ways of practicing a procedure to solve the problem. Hence you can provide Customer feedback forms and questionnaires, in order to receive that valuable feedback.

  • Keep your promises

As a customer support agent, always make sure to deliver what you have promised. Never let down your customers after promising what you will deliver. Delivering the same is crucial and enhances trust and respect. Sometimes, you might face a situation, where you were expected to deliver a fix within 24 hours, but could not meet the expectations. In such situations, you would want to compensate for their loss with some refund, or by providing them with something to make up for it. You end up earning a happy and loyal customer.

  • Add an extra mile by being Pro-Active

Providing pro-active solutions and adding extra benefit is one of the most effective and important ways to establish a strong bond between you and the customer and hence improving the company’s revenue and reputation. Adding the extra mile doesn’t always mean doing something extra, it means anticipating your customer’s thoughts and needs before they even have to state or articulate them. When customers feel like you are putting efforts to value them, they keep coming back. Sending exclusive promotional code to your customers on their special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries proves their importance.



If you follow all the steps that we have discussed above, you are certainly going to produce and deliver great customer care service.

It’s not the product nor the offers that keep a customer loyal to your company. It is the service and the relationship that you build with customers that keeps them coming back to your company. Learn to humanize yourself and understand the importance of being human with customers and eventually it will lead to customer service – driven growth.



Business Development Manager