11 Best Things To Do In Home Quarantine To Stop COVID Pandemic

‘Utilize your valuable time with a creative and healthy manner’

Are you getting obsessed with the declaration of home quarantine by the government due to the COVID-19 epidemic? Make sure, maintaining social distance is only the way to break the chain of coronavirus outbreak. You are getting bored because maybe you are unable to decide what to do throughout the whole month only by doing the same. Here I am suggesting a few best things to do in this long home isolation which will increase your creativity and reduce boredom. 

1. Spend quality time with your valued family:

Talk to parents, spare time for children, bring back your romance to your spouse. These all are needed but maybe you were unable to spend much due to your daily work pressure. This pandemic of COVID-19 actually gave you an opportunity to spend your quality time with your family members. This is the most essential factor to create a strong relationship among you and them. But yes, do not get out of your home to meet other family members because in this vital situation only social distance can save us. 

2. Get into the habituation of reading:

Read, read and read. Make it a habit. Due to our daily busy schedule, we don’t get enough time to read. Pull down your favorites from the rack or search for its online version. It will improve your brain function, vocabulary, increase knowledge and sharpen your memory. Reading books is a great remedy to reduce your stress and to keep your mood better. But one thing you should keep in mind that do not lend any book to anyone, though this virus can’t spread through books or papers.

3. Join online courses:

Have you ever thought to join any short time courses for your skill development? Then it is better to be busy joining online courses now because there is enough time you have now for studying. Nowaday going outside from your home stands out to be a curse. So it’s better to undergo training in your comfort zone with convenience and flexibility. Let you be an expert suddenly within the quarantine. 

4. Keep connected to your networking contacts:

Are you staying alone at home and feeling blue? Keep connected with your networking contacts who you have been meaning to talk to in this home isolation period. Ask them how they are doing and how they are spending their time throughout the day. It’s better to talk to family, friends, knowns, beloveds over phone or online rather than meeting physically.

5. Watch instructive and informational movies:

Are you Cinephilia? If it is then, there can be no better chance than this period of quarantine. Maybe you have stored a lot of chosen movies, but did not get enough time to watch them. Let’s get started with your favorite one. This is another effective medium to get acknowledged about various topics. If you want a smooth going video, first download it and watch, as these days network streaming is becoming much higher.

6. Play music for your pleasure:

As we all know, music can boost our mental and physical simulations, so It’s better to listen to music every day for a certain time or play it throughout the day. Go for any favorite genre songs or instrumentals. The tunes have their own way to cool you down and give eternal peace against boredom. 

7. Online games or video games are very good options:

As opposed to, in this digital world, playing video games can be a great time pass for you. There are many types of games available online, from rammy or soccer, from cricket to PUBG. Enjoy the excitement of a game being a paler yourself sitting at home. Particularly the strategy games help to grow your intelligence and flexibility of the brain. But yes, do not make it your habit for playing all the time.

8. Cook delicious foods of your choice:

Are you a passionate cook? And love to try different recipes? Then this is the time to explore yourself in cooking and to amaze your family members. There are plenty of recipes in online cookbooks and youtube to come by a mouthwatering result. And last of all this is a surprising way to improve your quality of life. But remember, do not try recipes with uncommon or not available ingredients that lead you to go out for these. Cook your food with whatever is in your kitchen.

9. Decor your home:

We all know cleanliness is godliness. A neatness in your house or room brings positive vibes and helps to get you rid of anxiety. So clean and decorate your room and belongings and give it a pleasant look. This would be a great time to pass for you without disturbing anyone. Change the furniture positions, do the due maintenance and polishes. It will take a good time which you need to utilize.

10. Give importance to your fascination:

Are you an artist? Do you love painting, crafting, gardening, sewing, singing or dancing? All of your talents are suppressed due to your work pressure? If it is then I am happy for you that now you have enough time to rejuvenate all of your passions. And if you have birdcages or aquariums, it’s great. Maybe these have been unclean around a long time and you were waiting for the chance to cleanse them. Let utilize your time by looking after them.

11. Take care of your health with daily treatments and fitness exercises:

Nowadays we are kind of caged in our home. In this long month, there is a big chance to gain excessive weight and being unhealthy. So, all we have to do is be conscious of the habit of daily exercise. And lastly, it has been seen that the COVID-19 virus mostly attacks the patients with a respiratory disorder,  asthma, diabetes, hypertension or any kind of infection, So please don’t ignore your regular medicines, diets and lifestyle measures. Avoid smoking for any breathing problem.

Time to get rid of your boringness and keep experimenting with new things without going outside. All you need is some patience to be locked in and try the aforesaid suggestions. Please be optimistic and give the system enough time to stop or slow down the epidemic. Enjoy life at home, your sweet home.


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