7 Best Things That You Have To Be Aware Of While Working From Home

‘Gain your possible productivity with a better work-life balance’

Nowadays most of the people are working from home to inhibit the spreading of coronavirus and to limit the COVID pandemic. Needless to say, not only on this crucial time, WFH is covering a bigger part of the economy from a long ago. And, whatever the situation is going on due to the massive lockdown, WFH is playing the greatest role of earning from home. But every time this may not be that easy to earn as you think. If you are a remote worker then these following 7 concerns are going to be of great use for you. Let’s discuss…..

  • Check your gadgets:

Maybe you are wondering, what should be the essential gadgets to make a good start with. First of all, you need a monitor, keyboard, mouse to keep on the main operation. Secondly, you must need a good comfortable desk and chair to sit on the whole day, Wifi connection, back-up for internet, conference speaker, webcam, headphone and lastly charging facilities for all your devices. These all are simply used to gear up your productivity while working away from your office. In various cases, it also has been seen that companies are providing these essential telecommunicating equipment to their employees to have a swift start with their remote job.

  • Internet connections:

If and only if you are a remote worker, you must know the importance of internet connection and VPN while working. You must be acknowledged about the network which gives the fastest streaming in your locality. So, be concerned while choosing a network. The internet speed you need depends on the type of work. Whether you are just surfing on the web, emailing, social networking or playing the moderate video you need up to 25Mbps speed/sec. And in that case, if you are doing all the above along with sharing large files, live streaming videos and playing multiplayer 4k streaming games, roughly you need 150-120Mbps speed/sec. Make sure, don’t let your network be a hindrance to your work. 

  • Work source:

Worksource defines who you are working for. Maybe you are a freelancer or an employee who works from home for certain days as per company’s requirements. In the case of an employee, this is OK for work from home. But if you are a new freelancer or freelancing with your new clients, you should check through their records. Without getting any proof of their authenticity please don’t share your details. Whereas in this pandemic situation the scammers have set up traps to rip you off by scam WFH projects, do not get into their network being greedy to earn easy money. 

  • Room environment:

According to you what should be the type of room environment while working? Maybe you are thinking it might not be that productive as it was in the office. But believe me, a perfect room environment with a dedicated workspace can structure your day like you would in your office. To come up with a fruitful result it’s necessary to allow no-one to disturb you while working. As you are going to work for a certain time, make sure your room is airy, lightened, pollution-free and far from noise. As we know, freshness and a calm surrounding is the ideal zone to work with 100% concentration. And the most essential thing you have to check before choosing a room which is perfectly wired. 

  • Home environment:

Now maybe you are thinking, what could be the difference between room and home environment? Yes, my friend, there is a huge contrast between these two. As you were told, the room environment particularly depicts the room you are working on the whole day. And in the case of home environments, it not only includes you but also your family members. So, there is a big possibility of getting disturbed by them during the working period. Being a family person I know, It is very usual to have domestic hazards, called up for every minute, continuous interruption from kids or pets or getting irritating noise from shouting or singing. It’s better to have locked your room-door to avoid all the disturbance, otherwise Make them understand that they should not do it, at least while you’re working.

  • Health:

Health is the treasure of your wealth. If you are not a healthy person you can not enjoy your earnings. So, eat healthily and stay healthy. When you are working at your office, everything is scheduled along with your mealtimes. But in the case of Working from home, it messed up sometimes. That is to say, take your food time and whenever you feel hungry, feed yourself because an empty stomach can harm your health. And most importantly in this awful pandemic situation avoid smoking as the virus mostly attacks the lungs. If it is weak then you can be affected faster than others. Quit smoking to get salvation from this deadly COVID-19 virus. And last of all do exercise every day for a certain time to stay fit and young. 

  • Food:

Food is the source of energy. And energy adds the ability to work with keeping your brain focused. While working from home plan a healthy diet chart for your snacks and lunch. You will get adequate break time from your work source to maintain it thoroughly. Avoid eating unhealthy chips and ice-creams as it can affect your immune system badly. 

Now, I hope you have got some ideologies about the awareness you must have during working from home. Customize your surroundings and make a work environment as your preference. Though it is very much challenging, it is the best way to make money from home. After all, you can save a lot of expenses from the daily office journey. 



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