7 Top Rumors On Corona Virus Which Has No Proven Base

‘Don’t trust and spread any news without any evidence’

Nowadays the whole world is suffering from the evil COVID pandemic. The WHO, World Health Organization has declared some rules and regulations to maintain thoroughly to limit the spreading of CoronaVirus. In such an epidemic situation some people are spreading frivolous rumors which can result in the quick spread of this pandemic with a death rate. It does need to say that we have to stop all these nonsense immediately and keep following the guidelines given by WHO and local Governments. Being a human being, our responsibility is to keep safe ourselves and our society from upcoming grisly circumstances rather than make things critical for the entire civilization. 

  • It will reduce attack in hot summer:

The rumors started with this, the virus will disappear by the hot summer weather as it is unable to tolerate heat at all. As per WHO’s statement, this rumor does not make any sense. Even they stated that this virus can mutate in such a way that it can exist rapidly at any weather, any temperature and at any environment. And it does not have any connection with chilled summer and ice cold evidently. Once it starts mutation it will start to grow immensely. 

  • There had been many viruses, nothing will happen:

Before this COVID epidemic, we had come across various deadly viruses like HIV, DENV, Ebola virus, Smallpox virus and so on. Now those are not seeming to be so dangerous to be locked-down as either their vaccines are invented for treatment or their spreading rate is low or not so easy in nature. Pointing up to those recoveries, some stupids are gossiping that coronavirus is just as same as others and nothing will happen just like nothing has happened before. Even some of them showed audacity to question against the government about this exceeding lock-down. The countries like Italy, USA, Spain, France, and others who have not taken it seriously at the primary stage or made late to quarantine, have their places as the cities of death. So, stop the rumours right now, let the doctors and experts only say on this.

  • Corona antidotes have been invented:

If you are on social media, you can see various notices about the invention of corona antidote. Never believe those fake news. So far the antidote has not been invented yet. Whenever an antidote invents, it has to go through trials on animals and human bodies, and it takes a huge time to arrive on the market with adequate production. If it has been truly invented, then all the government bodies would have brought it to every market long ago. And the biggest thing is, there is no proven evidence regarding Corona antidotes from WHO and the other health authorities.

  • Instead of musk, any cloth piece is enough:

It has been seen that people are not conscious at all to protect themselves from this deadly viral infection. They are buying designing masks or just covering their mouth with handkerchiefs. Believe me these are going to be of no use. A single-layered piece of cloth only can prevent you from dust. There are various multiple layered surgical masks available in the market which will not only cover your nostrils properly but also prevent microorganisms from entering through it. 

  • Some country has invented it as a biological weapon:

Maybe you have heard that there is a typical confusion about the source of the Coronavirus. Some are rumoring that it has been spread intentionally from some country to use it’s diminishing power as a biological weapon. They doubt that it is created from a laboratory, but without any evidence these all are useless. So, please in this grievous situation don’t make apartheids and racism. Stop spreading rumors and believing the fake news, ultimately we all have to survive depending upon one another. Though WHO has not declared any official statement regarding its sources. 

  • Nothing happens for a short time hangout:

Perhaps you are in the safest place, but do you know who is infected or not? I know you don’t and that is why the government advised a lot of times to maintain social distance. In spite of obeying the govt decision, some people are still hanging out on the outside, gathering for having tea at tea stalls, playing video games by making friend groups, and doing so many stupidities like these. So, all we need to do is to embargo this assembly as soon as possible. In geometric progression, it has been seen that the virus can infect up to 100k people from a single source just within a week. Before getting too late, it’s better to get concerned from now.

  • Lock-down is not necessary:

Even you can hear some are saying that lock-down is useless and it does not have any requirement. We all know when a country is on lock-down the major part of economic infrastructure gets damaged badly. Don’t you feel the reason why the government would harm themselves like this? Despite getting enormous loss they still accounted for lock-down just to inhibit the spreading of that deadly viral infection. According to WHO, the infection transmits through human beings so keep infected people isolated. Now the Government has its only way to isolate people only by locking down as there are so many hiding in the bush who have not been infected without any acknowledgment.

So, stay away from rumors and be safe at home. The daily news of death tolls can do nothing more but can make you understand how much is your life worth to you. The only thing I can suggest, obey every guideline of the government, unless you may lose your beautiful future ahead. 



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