Best Opportunities For Your eCommerce Business To Cover Within Covid-19 Lockdown

‘Retain your customers during Coronavirus outbreak’ 

Due to COVID-19, we all are suffering from lock-down. Almost all businesses are closed and eCommerce is closed too. It is predicted that the industries related to fashion, beauty products, decorative items, pet products, and others may have some trouble and daily essentials industries like grocery, dairy products, medicines, and food items will do better. However, people would avoid going out and roaming in shops to maintain social distancing and may opt for eCommerce to buy even fashion and beauty products in the future either. So, there is a scope that the eCommerce industry based on product categories will have small or big booms as per needs according to demographic choices. All the manufacturers, dealers, and sellers are facing the main problems. However, it is such a business trend, whereas you can see it as an opportunity. As it has been expected that in the post-lock-down period, people will not dare to go out of home, rather would depend on purchasing everything online more. So, eCommerce has a positive chance of growing. To grab that opportunity you should be prepared from now on. 

  • Searching New Suppliers With Profitable & Trendy Product:

Are you a Seller? Then you know all the international supplies especially from China and Taiwan and some of the domestic supplies also have been postponed because interstate and international transmit almost closed due to infectious Corona Disease. Manufacturing units also had to suspend their work, as a result production of new products are closed. 

Despite all this mishappenings, there is a hope in the form of domestic suppliers. As it is now the international and china supplies are not allowed, this is the opportunity to stand up their business at a great hike. 

Do you want to get prepared to boost your business up after lock-down? Then start searching for the right suppliers right away. Make a huge list of proper reliable suppliers who will deliver the perfect quality products within a fixed time. And obviously from those suppliers, who keep your all products range at your budget. 

  • Pre-stock Products During The Import Cease:

Are you a dealer or stockist? May you have plenty of re-stocked products but you can’t sell them now due to lock-down.

No worries. There is a way to lift your business up again. Make a list of trendy and non-trendy products from your stocks. The trendy products will be easily sold out after the lockdown, but have you thought about the non-trendy products? If not then think now. Whether you are a manufacturer, stockist or retailer, offer your customers the possible best offer by reducing your profit percentage, making some combo offers, free delivery facilities, and more like this. That will help you to clear the stock of non-trendy products in this crucial condition.

  • Analyzing And Catering To Post-Lockdown Product Demands: 

Due to this pandemic circumstance our earnings become limited. So in the further days, people will move to shopping very cautiously and carefully to save their money. They may search for the same essentials but on a lower budget. This would create a problem for sellers as well as the manufacturers. 

Are you a manufacturer? If it is then make a list of trendy, essential, multifunctional and comparatively low price products before the mass production. It is also recommended that the products parallel to branded products. Those who are stockists, carry on with your dealership on a trendy base. At this moment we already have stored a lot of products previously, so we will not take any risk of non-trendy products. Either you are a seller or a manufacturer, you should make a research on the upcoming trendy products to ramp up your business immediately after the lock-down. 

  • Boosting Your Sale Through Website & Social Media Ads:

As per the suggestions informed above, if you are a dealer, manufacturer or a seller, you may have manufactured and stocked a lot of trendy, multifunctional, parallel brand low price products. But how would you sell? Do you have your own website? Or do you have a popular store either in shopify or in Amazon or Flipkart? For a bigger deal you can opt for a website if you are a manufacturer or dealer. Even if you are a seller I will also recommend you to sell your product from your own website or your own store. In this way you will be able to list your products with giving your own offers. Although, popular marketplaces stores like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart are very good choices in this situation to boost your sales. 

Are you a small-scale stockist or seller? There is a better option for you also apart from having an online store or website. You can avail millions of customers for your product promotion through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and many like this. Make a list and promote your sales from there properly. Steam live videos or make video chats by using free tools like Facebook live, Instagram live to offer your products remotely. Invest and engage your customer and build a goodwill. It would be a great idea for personal selling. 

After developing a website, social media management and SEO are the most needful. As, without these two there is no possibility to promote your website. 

All your problems can be solved swiftly if you hire a reliable ITES ecommerce support company or freelancer. 

  • They can find out the perfect domestic reliable suppliers who will supply you with the best quality products from renowned manufacturers and will deliver within the given time.
  • They can search proper products for your profitable listings. What exactly the trendy products you will manufacture or stock to sell, they find out with their proper market research.
  • Other than these you can give them the responsibility for your product pricing, courier service management, dropshipping, customer handling and everything related to your ecommerce business.
  • And last of all, whether you have a website or  not, they can advertise your product through various social media to bring new sources of customers. If you want to get a top rank on Google search engines, they are efficient enough to make it within a certain time. 

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