Top 10 reasons to choose WooCommerce for your own eCommerce business


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Today if you want to become a successful business owner, eCommerce is the best option for you. The emergence of eCommerce, whatever we are looking for, is under our fingertips, waiting to be purchased with just a click away. Choosing to do an eCommerce business is quite stressful on its own. The platform needs to be the best-hosted with multiple options available. An easy interface that can be frequently used by your customers. That also offers a good level of security and support fields for you and your customers with a sense of safety while they are shopping.

Used by over 2.3 million eCommerce stores, WooCommerce is one of the best platforms to start with your own eCommerce business.  Let’s discuss the 10 most important reasons to choose WooCommerce ahead of other popular platforms like Shopify or Magento :

1. It’s Free –

Yes, you read it right. Unlike most other eCommerce platforms that cost money, WooCommerce is free. If you are under the assumption that as WooCommerce pricing is free, it would not be a professional eCommerce solution, you are highly mistaken!

WooCommerce offers detailed order tracking, which applies to every update in delivery statutes. Customer engagement tools that allow traders to view past and open orders, tax settings, inventory management, adjustment of shipping options and also setting up coupon codes. However, for some specialized services plug-ins are not free, a minimum terminal charge is taken in the package.

2. Easy to avail and implement –

When compared to some of the major eCommerce platforms like Shopify or Magento, WooCommerce is extremely easy to use and user-friendly by nature. Do you know where WooCommerce’s origin comes from? The answer is, ‘WooCommerce WordPress plugin’. It has all the strength and reliability to build a world-class eCommerce experience. 53% of all websites on the internet use WordPress, so there exists a good number of people who would find using WooCommerce easy and can easily make a transition to eCommerce.

3. Very Customizable –

There are hundreds of free and paid extensions available to add additional functions to the WooCommerce store. These extensions include both applications and services, which are mostly related to marketing, reporting, payment gateways, accounting and much more. This allows for the selection of extensions accordingly and customizes the store based on the unique needs of one’s business.

It is very easy to create custom fields, uploads, back-end editing, promoting, and also to create easy user fields for customers.

4. Grows with your business –

It would be a good idea to think about the future of the business when choosing an eCommerce application. At the early stages, the business is small but in time it will grow.  You should choose an application that is capable enough to support a busy store, without imposing too much complexity in the early days.

WooCommerce supports stores of all sizes. It can scale from a few products to a thousand products, and from a handful of shoppers a day to a hundred shoppers per second.


5. Vibrant developer Community –

Being an open-source WooCommerce allows retailers to freely change and add core features, build new extensions and create custom themes. For less popular eCommerce applications, it is difficult to find developers capable of doing the task and even if you find a developer, they are expensive to hire.

If changes are required to be made in your WooCommerce store, it is quite easy to find someone to get the task done. This is possible because WooCommerce retailers benefit from a large pool of WooCommerce professionals and developers.


6. Provides World-

Class Content management – Did you know that content is an important component of eCommerce marketing, sales optimization, and search engine optimization?

WooCommerce extends to a wide variety of content management options. Which includes blogging, email marketing, product descriptions, and landing pages. With the use of SEO plugins like Yoast, it becomes much easier to optimize content for search engines. WooCommerce doesn’t slump where content is required.


7. It’s really fast –

WooCommerce provides a fast and responsive eCommerce experience for all kinds and all sizes of online stores.

WooCommerce in combination with performance-optimized hosting is specifically engineered to maximize performance. Quality web hosting is able to support WooCommerce, but it is unable to provide highly optimized MySQL, PHP, server, and network environments necessary for a responsive low-latency eCommerce experience.


8. Top-notch Security –

You must be curious enough why WooCommerce is a much-favored platform?

WooCommerce comes with guaranteed security, fraudulent activities are highly restricted. WooCommerce helps in building a huge customer base and also supports a variety of transitions. WooCommerce assists in building a seamless presentation allowing for the growth of online businesses.


9. You can sell anything –

Yes, that’s right, WooCommerce is an incredibly flexible platform when it comes to selling. Ranging from physical products, digital products, subscriptions, coupons to anything similar, whether you intend to make sales in bulk or one piece at a time, WooCommerce does it all under one roof. In one statement, WooCommerce is the complete package of eCommerce applications.


10. Great Customer Support –

WooCommerce has been around since 2011 and it was until August 2014 that WooCommerce powered 381,187 sites i.e., 17.77% of e-commerce sites online.

WooCommerce developers have since then maintained a great record for being the most reliable and professional platform in regard to their products and support. Other eCommerce platforms like Shopify owns 7% and Magento owns 4% of eCommerce platforms. Whereas, almost 42% of eCommerce sites on the internet use WooCommerce.


In conclusion,  WooCommerce is the complete eCommerce solution, it is fast, user-friendly, easy to use, easy to customize and is adaptable to the unique needs of your eCommerce business. The WooCommerce platform is trusted by a majority of eCommerce sites.

When in search of the best eCommerce hosting platform, look no further than WooCommerce!


Jitesh Patel


Jitesh Patel, B.Tech is a passionate web developer and also the co-founder of Cybertoss Pvt Ltd a core IT BPO and web development company. Jitesh is developing for the last 7 years on different platforms like WordPress, Zoopla, Shopify, Magento, open cart, drupal using the technology of PHP, JSP, javascript, jquery, Codeigniter and pearl. Being a guest writer now he sometimes shares his experience on web development technology through his blogs.