Top 11 Social Media Platforms For Advertising


Do you want to advertise your service or product with the least money invested? Then this is the most popular platform, you are looking for. You can reach plenty of audience at a time. It may sound tricky but all you have to do to find your target audience in social media to promote. Firstly, you have to think about who is your target audience and what is your business niche or service/product. Secondly, how to create and publish AD. Even you may go for a professional freelancer to hire for the purpose. Here is some discussion about the trendiest social media platform for a successful advertisement. 

1. Facebook

According to the last update, around 6 million of businesses or trading owners using Facebook ads to reach their target audiences. Nowadays Facebook is in the top position to promote your business both paid and non-paid methods. But the paid advertisement is more important because it allows you to target a specific audience for your business. There are several formats of ads like Text, Image, Video, Carousel, Slideshow, Canvas ads, etc. The specialty is, it has no boundaries of category, You can choose the category as you need with daily postings. If you are thinking to use only one platform for your business, choose Facebook.

2. Twitter

Are you a professional blogger? Want to share your thoughts about any specific topic? Beyond all the other platforms, this is the media for you. Twitter with a blog or content link is the best combination. If you are sharing useful and informative content, you will be able to create a reputation in your industry. On the other hand, twitter is also used for the daily real-life update. According to the latest tracking, Twitter claims that the users spend 26% more time with their advertisements. And the specialty is you can ad related keywords or hashtags with the particular you are posting, which will help to reach your target audience. 

3. LinkedIn

Are you a business owner? Do you want to advertise your company to make people sense about it? This is mainly categorized for business professionals. If you want to share updates for your company and employees The latest LinkedIn statistics say that, on the professional network, more than 600 million users can reach through advertisement. This is mainly a useful tool for reaching B2B and B2C prospects.

4. YouTube

YouTube only allows you to advertise via a video format. Mainly used for tutorials, company culture, and demonstrations. By making a short video with an appropriate title and description, you can catch your targeted viewers. The more audience views your video, the more popular you will be. According to 2019 statistics, it has almost 2 million users worldwide. You can choose both the paid or non-paid method to allow your audience.

5. Pinterest

Are you an eCommerce business owner? Want to promote your product via social media advertisement? I ensure you, Pinterest is the best platform for sharing your products. The person who posts on Pinterest is called Pinners. It is estimated that 87% of pinners purchase a product by seeing an advertisement on it. This platform allows you to post individual photos with a short description and the source link. It’s an easy way to drive directly to your product page and connect with your customers.

6. Instagram

The best usage of Instagram is to build your brand to a boundless audience. More than 80% of users are doing business by sharing Image ads, IGTV ads, Carousel ads, Video ads on Instagram. The usage of hashtags is the way to reach your target audience which will help you to expand your social media presence. It also has a business advertising option that can be accessed through Facebook.

7. Mix

Recently, it has moved from Stumbleupon to Mix and has driven more than 50% of Social Media traffic in the US. It is the easiest way to advertise your product or business. You only have to share a link on Mix and it will detect the entire page automatically. Most likely it is a social bookmarking site, where people stumbled up to their favorite web pages.

8. Snapchat

It is forecasted that around 23% of marketers or businessmen use Snapchat for marketing in 2018. It is used only for promoting business events and real-time updates. The updates of video or images will remain to publish only for 24 hours and after that, it will disappear automatically. If your target audience is younger or college students then this is the ideal platform for you.

9. Tumblr

Are your target audience younger? Tumblr is the most valuable tool for reaching users between the ages of 16 to 34 with active users. It is actually a microblogging platform rather than a social media site. Tumblr earns more than 15 million dollars a year, mostly from ads that run. It can be more challenging for marketing on Tumblr if you are not familiar with it. It also has another section which runs lots of memes and jokes, so before using it for your business or market you should spend quality time to get used to with it.

10. Reddit

Reddit allows you to post 2 types of ads named link ads and text ads. If you want to upvote your ads then your posts should carry 60 to 80 characters, post your ads without throwing any questions, use external links to your post. And if you want to get more comments on your post through a question on the title, it helps you to get two times more comments than throwing a statement.

11. Slideshare

Slideshare is directly connected with the LinkedIn account. So if you want to use this you have to have an account on LinkedIn. It’s a different kind of advertising method, which advertises via slides and views one by one. It helps to describe your product, service or business in a short and easy way. You can make it in a creative way as you need. 

Advertising is the best way for your business or product which helps people to understand better. Every advertisement has its own way to describe itself. Accordingly, the mode of every content differs from another which should be attractive, informative and descriptive as well.

Social Media, being the strongest medium to communicate millions of people at a time has its own variety of advertisements. All you have to know the correct way to do it at a regular interval.


Narmada Baditya

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