Top 5 Reasons To Hire Freelancers Over Agencies For Back-end Support Of Your Small Business


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Backend or “Behind the scenes” operations is very crucial and the basic infrastructure for any business to grow.

A freelancer can provide excellent backend support and handle the backend work professionally for your business when it is smaller in size and in need of cutting down costs from almost every aspect. It is wiser to hire a freelancer rather than an agency to support your business at a tender age.

Let us discuss the reasons to hire freelancers over agencies for backend support of your small business.”

Now, let me ask you, if you are holding a business at the starter level and want to hire professional backend support, what comes to mind? You may go for renowned agencies or may go for freelancing websites to find the support within budget. However, all they may not go on your way.

Here, I have discussed 5 points to support my viewpoint,

Firstly, Get-Service at your own convenience.

So, Hire a freelancer for his flexible hours. A freelancer is not inbound within office hours, he is almost always available for service. You could communicate directly with him any day at any time. Do you need backend work in the middle of the night? Your freelancer is just one call away.

Secondly, You have to cut down your costs.

At the starter level, all your investments would concentrate on direct expenses. Could you strike a bargain with your agency? Maybe, NOT. Could you strike a bargain with your freelancer? DEFINITELY, depending on the type and length of the task. Here, you are paying the ONLY individual doing your job and not the entire agency and after its infrastructure; apparently overhead costs get deducted. 

Thirdly, A freelancer does as he is ordered to do.

When you hire a freelancer to do the backend support role job, just send him the instructions, he works according to your unique business style. Such would not have been the case when hiring an agency as they have their own style of operating.

Fourthly, Easy to Hire & Fire, hire a freelancer who sells what he is good at.

They are focused on a specialized and particular field. All you have to do, just hire the right person for your purpose. And even, don’t like the work done by him? Fire him. Yes, it’s that easy. When working with freelancers you have the freedom to hire and fire as many freelancers you want to. No documentation and similar paper works are involved.

Fifthly, Quality and quantity guaranteed.

You may know many professionals from the IT support sector during the recession lost their job and freelancing for their bread. There are many creative workers who do not fit in any organization’s frame but loves to work independently. So if you are hiring from freelancers it is not like that you are going to negotiate with the quality of your worker.

I would like to end by saying, if you are in search for good quality work at a lower cost, deducting all the inconveniences involved in getting backend support for a small scale business, then a freelancer is the better choice here. It comes with a lot more benefits and a lot less hassle. 

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