Top 7 Shopify Back-end Support by a Freelancer


“Grow your online business with the best Ecommerce Platform”

Do you have less manpower to escalate your online business on Shopify Store? But you want an immediate growth of your trade with the least cost? A Freelancer would be the best solution for you. 

Running an online business in a Shopify Store with a great hike is not an easy task. If you are an entrepreneur you definitely need support for your Shopify Back-end management. To start a new business online or to run an existing one smoothly, a freelancer Shopify expert ensures your business volume growth with proper maintenance of your store. 

Let discuss how does a freelancer can help you with Back-end Support for your Shopify Store:

1. Create or Redesign the Store:

Have you purchased a domain in Shopify? Maybe you are worried about your store design. No more worry, Hire a Freelancer! An expert freelancer is always a good option to design your store to look more attractive and be more SEO friendly at the cheapest price. If you have a running business you can also appoint a freelancer to redesign your online store to make it more lucrative.

2. Shopify based product research:

It is obvious that the products have to be very selective before listing them on your Shopify Store. If you are an entrepreneur, maybe it is quite difficult to do proper product research. In this case, you can rely upon an expert freelancer, they can do ideal product research for your Shopify store by harvesting ideal suppliers and profitable products popular in Shopify as well as your demographic area from them.

3. Inventory control:

Though Shopify is a flexible store to manage it from its back-end, yet it is hard to handle your inventory, product stock, product variants for the Shopify store and other channels together. A Shopify expert from remote is available for 24×7 to take the load with utmost security.

4. Shopify community and advertisement:

Shopify has its own community. An appropriate product tag can crawl your product page with all other similar products in this community. A remote Shopify expert promotes your products through Shopify channel advertisements to increase product selling.

5. Social Media/SEO:

Do you want to boost your SEO ranking to get the top position on google ranking?
An experienced freelancer can optimize your website, page, and product as well with the use of proper high-volume keywords to gain high traffic.
A successful business owner should have multiple social media channels to advertise their products to targeted customers. A proficient remote secretory can help you to handle all the channels on a daily basis with a fruitful result.

6. CSR:

Keep connected 24×7 with your customer!
On hike of your business, customers can inquire regarding a product, shipping, refund, return, etc. at any point in time. A freelancer, with an added beneficiary, is available for 24×7 to answer your customers. They are also well-skilled to use different CRM technologies like Zendesk, Xsello, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.

7. Channel Control with proper Plug-ins:

Shopify has its own attributes in its domain. If you want some extra-facilities to make your store more dynamic, then you have to add plugins according to your needs.
You may have multiple channels for selling like your own online store, marketplace store, social media store, etc. Facing difficulties to manage the channels altogether? An expert freelancer can control not only the inventory but other attributes including CSR from your Shopify account with the use of proper plug-ins.

If you are troubled due to a huge load of Shopify back-end support for your online business, I would suggest you, lend over your business pressure to a freelancer. It is always cheaper and better to run your online business into profit with the help of Shopify and an expert Shopify account manager from freelancers.


Jitesh Patel


Jitesh Patel, B.Tech is a passionate web developer and also the co-founder of Cybertoss Pvt Ltd a core IT BPO and web development company. Jitesh is developing for the last 7 years on different platforms like WordPress, Zoopla, Shopify, Magento, open cart, drupal using the technology of PHP, JSP, javascript, jquery, Codeigniter and pearl. Being a guest writer now he sometimes shares his experience on web development technology through his blogs.