Hello There!! There are many segments in support tasks of eCommerce business like for b2b ecommerce solutions & B2C process. Listing management, Marketplace management, Supplier Management, Vendor Management, CRM Management with Shopify, Magento or Woocommerce, etc., and the Customer Support part of course. I am here to offer you to provide complete remote support in this business with my team of experts.

1. Supplier Management:-

Finding a proper product is important in this business. For you, I am here to do the job and find different, best selling, similar, and related products to list. Most importantly while finding the supplier, I do research properly and track down the supplier from whom we can get the products with the most competitive and profitable price, brand authorization, stock, and delivery time, and his reliability with reviews and ratings. Secondly, it’s not only one supplier for a product I find. I make a list of many suppliers for each product to enrich supplier management solutions.


2. Listing Management with Q/C:-

Listing management is also a very important part of this business for both B2B & B2C. The more attractive and purposeful it looks, the more it sells. After finding products and suppliers we need proper calculations to know about the profit ratio and list the product in a proper manner. Cause, this is the part where the product will be displayed for the customers to let ‘em buy. Along with the proper price with the right calculations, which will keep you close to the competitor’s price. My service is also included with listing quality checking for every product with support for product description content writing.


3. Marketplace Account Management:-

The secret to getting success online business is proper marketplace management. Any given popular marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, K-Mart, I am gained experience in both Dropship and Fulfilled by Marketplace (FBA) models.  I am well versed of the latest technologies and tools like AMZscout, JungleScout, UnicornSmasher, Keepa, etc. to get you the best marketplace management activities and reach out to the maximum possible volume of business.


4. Customer Support:-

This customer support plays a big role in e commerce support services. After or before purchasing a product, a customer may need some help. Like, find the proper or similar product the customer wants, return, exchange, defective and many more. I am here to give 24X7 online chat, calls and email support to solve the problem.


5. Managing Business with Customized CRM:-

Any given popular platform, I and my team are ready to support with their best. We are familiar with experience in shopify experts India, magento experts, Woocommerce and any other automated platforms.


Only just a glimpse of the segments are mentioned above within a huge area to work and support. I am here to support you in any of the fields at a very competitive rate.  Please contact me for further details.