It is very obvious that when clients are looking for freelancers, apart from very technical needs, the Customer Service Support is the most important aspect. A lot of experienced freelancers are hired for providing perfect customer support on behalf of the client with some specialized skills needed for the special requirements of the trade or nature/status of the business. When I started working in non-web sectors like BPO/KPO, I had put my maximum concentration into it to grab the maximum skill to work like a pro, providing Good Customer Service Support. Today, with my valuable freelance team members, I am in a position to handle different kinds of customer support for different trades.

My specialized customer support services include:

  1. Query Handling:

    Through the inbound call, chat email support, providing product and process info, solutions and compensations.

  2. Information Acknowledgement/Promotion:

    Through outbound calls, Mailchimp, individual email, chat, social media, providing information.

  3. Document Creation:

    Through Adobe PDF, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, any given CRM.

  4. CRM Handling:

    Any given CRM, customized Software.

  5. Lead Generation:

    Through Craigslist, Zillow, Indeed, Extended Keyword Research, Social Media Research (Facebook, Linkedin)

  6. Social Media/Affiliate Marketing:

    Promotional marketing through Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, Video & Powerpoint promotion, Blog promotion & Article promotion, Other kinds of Online & Offline SEO Promotion.

  7. Market Survey:

    Surveying market through different niches through extended keyword research through social media and web (using search engine market)


These are the common service areas where I and my team have obtained enough experience to support my client with quality services:

  1. Real Estate:

    Customer Support, Appointment Fixing, Property listing, Categorizing, Cold Calling

  2. Medical:

    Transcription, Medical Note, Surgical Note, Examination Report, Appointment Fixing, Patient Support, Medicine Research, Case-history Research.

  3. Insurance & Finance:

    Customer Support, Appointment Fixing, Product listing, Policy documentation, Categorizing, Cold Calling

  4. Legal:

    Customer Support, Appointment Fixing, Product listing, Transcription, Case documentation, Categorizing, Cold Calling

  5. Publishing:

    Customer Support, Appointment Fixing, Product listing, School data research, Categorizing, Cold Calling

  6. Technology:

    Customer Support, Appointment Fixing, Product listing, CRM /App / Software documentation, Categorizing, Cold Calling, Technical Support

  7. Employment:

    Customer Support, Appointment Fixing, CV Screening & listing, Job-details documentation, Categorizing, Cold Calling

  8. Food Chain:

    Customer Support, Appointment Fixing, Product listing, Order & Delivery control, Categorizing, Cold Calling

  9. Event & Organization:

    Customer Support, Appointment Fixing, Item listing, Membership & Ticket controlling, Invitation & RSVP, Categorizing, Cold Calling


In conclusion, I can provide complete, Specialized Customer Support, which includes the above mentioned vital areas of customer services, leading to the successful growth of your company.