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Virtual Assistant is one of the most important service tasks assigned to a Virtual Administrative Assistant or a Virtual Secretary like me. This is proved to be essential because new or small entrepreneurs in developed countries always seek their secretarial assistance to fulfill their business purpose through operational or administrative or clerical/back-end tasks, done in time with professional accuracy. They hire Freelance Virtual Assistants from remote, paying a less considerable charge to reduce his cost but maintaining the same professional accuracy. This is very much cost comparative than hiring a secretary with a proper pay scale and associated benefits. I provide specialized Virtual Assistant Services to my clients with 100% professional accuracy in the different secretarial, back-end, and business administrative sectors.

The core sectors are:

  1. Surveillance Assistance:-

    I and my VA team provide different kinds of live or recorded video analysis support for your workplace, business place, home, public place surveillance, survey, and planning. It may be for an internal CCTV support or maybe for a wide range of traffic or workshop automation control. My team works 24 x 7 at a very competitive level.

  2. Remote Admin Support:

    I can work for any kind of Administrative Support and related tasks, like action planning, data managing, scheduling, preparing documents and presentations, managing CRM or Specialized Software with relevant experience of the last 7 years. I also have created a team of experts who can alternatively work for any time zone to receive any global time zone support.

  3. Remote Secretarial Assistance:

    I have been working on such support processes from the very beginning. I can handle any Freelance Administrative or Remote Secretarial support from operating communications technically through customer support email, Mailchimp like bulk email support, chat support, inbound or outbound call support, report generation, Pay-Roll or other accounts related CRM support, Projection and Presentation creation through MS Powerpoint, etc.

  4. Data Transcription & Conversion:

    This is one of the core specialized areas that I can cover for my client. I have built an experience of using different up-to-date tools for critical web research and data mining through Linkedin, Craigslist, Zillow, Indeed, Facebook, etc. Apart from that I have also done a lot of data research work for International or Continental Medical, Educational, Cultural, Social requirements and Market Survey related Commercial Product researches.

  5. Calling Support (Inbound/Outbound):

    I have gained expertise in calling for various Virtual Assistant Supports, making and receiving calls for different purposes. May it is Cold calling, Survey, Setting Appointment, indirect selling, attending customer calls I have developed my perfection in all of these different voice process segments. My voice team is also ready to accept any calling support as per se my client’s requirement.

In a nutshell, I have the expertise to provide support to different Virtual Assistant Services which only a few I have discussed above. I have gained 100% job success in Upwork, for being a top-rated freelancer with a lot of excellent client reviews. I invite you to ping me at once for a further detailed discussion with the requirement.