Nature: eCommerce web portal development for fashion & clothing

Workplace: US, India

Technology: WordPress, WooCommerce, customized Payment Gateway integration (instamojo), Customized Javascript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Our Client: Fashion designer


I had developed expertise in eCommerce business support when I started this project with this client. I had experience of working with Amazon Marketplace and associated support tasks including customer support solution. So, I grabbed the opportunity immediately.  

Our Client:

The client was a renowned Fashion designer who works in USA as well as India. However, she had no idea about developing such a business worldwide. She only had a strong wish and a good quality patience to run the show. We agreed to a mutual contract that we have to continue for 8 - 12 months to get the result to reach the break-even point or profit.


The main challenge was I had to make a website far better than other fashion designers and that was a tough challenge. She had warehouses to pile her stocks and have the ways to deliver the product.  


I manned my best team to do proper research and strategy making for the this website. We had to affix certain parameters to create this website and design it. I also trained my CSR team for the very first month to act on when the selling will start. I have used the technologies like Wordpress, WooCommerce, customized Payment Gateway integration (instamojo), Customized Javascript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and many more.


The sale started on the second month and accelerated from the third month. Now after handling the account for last 7 months, it is generating a good amount of sale and covering her recurrent inventory investment every month. It is now on such an acceleration (Avg. Sale 3,500.00 USD per week min), within a few more months - one year of business opening she is going to enjoy a huge profit considering her all kind of investments here.

Further Scope:

I am providing her service after delivery of the project regarding any kind of issues like, coding problem, database connectivity issues or any kind of front end alignment issues and many more. Currently her target is to come in the first page of any search engine and we are working on that.