Project: Atlanta GA Property List

Nature: Web Research & Data Mining

Workplace: US

Technology: Craigslist, Zillow, Advanced Web Research, MS-Excel



Many times I had worked with data conversion and related tasks using online converters. I noticed that it is a project with huge volume and I will require a good head number of team to cover up documents within time. This was a great opportunity to work in this project with a large calling team.  

Our Client:

Our client was from Atlanta City, Georgia, USA. It was a Real Estate project. Our client was facing some trouble regarding gathering informations and data. He needed someone who will make proper web research strategies and help him gather the informations he needs.  


The main challenge was, this is a total different country. Their work culture is different and as it is so far away, it’s almost impossible to authenticate the data you are gathering if you are not pro at web research and data mining.  


Overcome the distance was a challenge for sure, however, I have managed to overcome it with the help of my client and successfully gathered all the informations he needed by using technologies like Craigslist, Zillow, Advanced Web Research and saved it in MS-Excel. Along with that, before submitting the project, we have cross checked by having a conversation with that person personally and authenticate the data.  


Firstly I have got the chance to learn about new technologies and overcome the challenge pretty well. Most satisfied part is, the data I have gathered, were all genuine and authentic. My client was happy that he got his job done in low cost with authentic data in proper manner.

Further Scope:

Currently, as he is spreading his business to other States of US. I am still helping him in his project and learning new technologies related to this field. So that, I can use it further.