Nature: Website Development for an architect & interior designer

Workplace: Mumbai, India

Technology: WordPress, Visual Composer, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Client Name – Deepak Pathania, Profession – Designer and architect



I have done many projects in Web Development field. However, when I got the proposal of this project, I totally jumped into it. As this was something new for me and I knew that I will get to learn many things about this architect & interior designing industry along with new technologies.  

Our Client:

My client was from Mumbai, India who is an architect & interior designer. He wanted to build a website to spread his business through the country and beyond that. We had several meetings and shared our ideologies with each other. I helped him to get to the point of his needs. Which helped me as well to have a clear vision of his expectations.  


The main challenge was I had no idea about this industry and he wanted it to be exclusive, eye catching, attractive to the targeted audiences so that they get interested on his website and profile.  


I had to study thoroughly about it and do a proper research to get to a conclusion. As his main target was to spread his business worldwide, I had to study and implement many strategies to make his website SEO friendly and exclusive. Which makes me understand the industry better and helped me to learn about new technologies like Wordpress, Visual Composer, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and different ways to use.  


During this process I get to learn many things and aspects of this industry including little little points which makes huge differences of someone‚Äôs profile. Specially, I have learnt to use the technologies in many different ways. At the end of the day my client was happy and satisfied with the outcome.  

Further Scope:

I am providing him service after delivery of the project regarding any kind of issues like, coding problem, database connectivity issues or any kind of front end alignment issues and many more. Currently he is thinking of growing more contacts and across the globe and spread his business which is also a different kind of challenge for us.