Project: Water Waste Prevention UK

Nature: Data Conversion

Workplace: UK Natural Energy Resource Consumers (Oil, Gas & Water)

Technology: MS-Excel, MS-Word, Adobe PDF, Online Converter



Many times I had worked with data conversion and related tasks using online converters. I noticed that it is a project with huge volume and I will require a good head number of team to cover up documents within time. This was a great opportunity to work in this project with a large calling team.  

Our Client:

Client was from UK. The Company is one of the bigger Gas & Energy service provider In UK. They had a huge billing and documentation in manual process for a long. The document digitization team wanted us to complete all the manual documents digitized within a short period time.  


As the challenge was to retrieve all the manual documents within time it was really hard to understand the actual data from the handwritten old blurred scripts. We converted documents to digitized from with OCR and then implied our sense to make it to complete with perfection.  


I implied a number of online converters and editors. However, manual sense and eyesight perfection was more effective. Our MS Office excellence and document capturing sense came as a perfect solution to cover the huge in time.  


The project came in different clusters and we completed all even in before time. Leads were perfect almost 99%. Still, we are on this project and waiting for next cluster of leads.

Further Scope:

The client is not in a position to think about anyone else for this project, I have made a permanent position for this job. I also got a lot of referral from them for further projects.